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Wisconsin Hemp Processor

Turn Hemp Flower into Retail Ready Products

Wisconsin Hemp CBD Oil Processor

100% Solventless CBD Oil Processing

We are a Wisconsin hemp processor focused on the most natural processing methods for our CBD oil. This is why we only make solventless CBD oil.

Solventless CBD oil is processed in smaller batches than other hemp processing methods. We call it the “craft” hemp processing method.

Our solventless CBD oil maintains the highest level of cannabinoids and terpenes compared to CO2, ethanol, butane, or other solvent-based extraction methods. Another benefit is no trace solvents like the solvent-based methods that often leave trace solvents in the mass-produced CBD oils commonly found in the market.

We are proud to be the first commercial solventless hemp processor in Wisconsin and one of only a few solventless commercial CBD oil processors in the United States.

Custom Branded Hemp Pre-Roll Joints

Custom Pre-Roll Joint Packing

One of our favorite methods to consume hemp is through smoking. We have seen a large increase in the number of people looking for convenient ways to consume CBD hemp in natural forms, which is why pre-roll joints are so popular.

We offer pre-roll joint packaging services in both unbranded or custom branded joint cones. Offer pre-roll joints in unbranded cones and simply label the packaging with your custom brand. Or, go the extra mile with custom branded cones, too.

We offer full custom-branded finished pre-roll joint services, including custom packaging and labeling.

Get Your Craft Hemp Products Made!

Focus on farming and retail. Let us be your hemp processing partner.

+ Save time developing a CBD oil recipe.

+ Save money on expensive equipment.

+ Full branding design support.

+ Finished product COAs to provide customers.

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