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Wisconsin Hemp Processor

Wisconsin Hemp CBD Oil Processor

100% Solventless Hemp Processing

We are hemp connoisseurs, with our focus being CBD oil. We searched for hemp processors and discovered most commercial CBD hemp processors use CO2, ethanol, butane, or other solvents to extract CBD. These processing methods often leave trace solvents in the mass-produced CBD oils commonly found in the market.

We set out to change this and make cleaner, solventless hemp oils. In 2019, we became the first commercial, solventless CBD hemp processor in Wisconsin and one of only a few solventless commercial CBD oil processors in the United States.

  • Organic Processing Methods
  • No Solvents Used
  • Small-Medium Batches
  • COA Tested

Affordable Pricing

We have a simple, per lb service-based pricing model that covers our processing labor, equipment overhead, and lab testing costs.

This makes our cost predictable for your business, lowers your processing cost per product, and keeps your margins high!

Get Your Craft, Solventless CBD Oils Made!

Focus on farming and retail. Let us be your hemp processing partner.

+ Save time developing a recipe.

+ Save money on expensive equipment.

Get professionally made, lab-tested, 100% solventless CBD oils.

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